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Reality Gang
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Anonymous: How come anyone would believe those dildos were real huge cocks?? By 5:10 you can CLEARLY see the base of that dildo being held.
Anonymous: Fake!!!! Strap-ons
Anonymous: Fake!!!!!! Poor girl she didn't even get her pussy licked! Selfish guys! She should borrow their fake cocks and plow them in the ass
Anonymous: So I'm guessing the huge dicks were the guys without a huge dick. Dicks.
Anonymous: fake as fuck but bet the girls enjoying it
Anonymous: Reality gang fails to man up by hiding their tiny pinkies. It's bad enough the Bangbros are fucking themselves during dry spells and claiming every paid whore is "stunning".
Anonymous: They "failed" to mention fake dick including the dildo that's holding it I could say fake dildo the dick holding it.
Anonymous: god it's so fake. there's a reason why they don't take off their pants - not to show their real small dicks.
Anonymous: How come both their cocks look the exact same? Same size, same color, same texture, same shape, same everything. Lol
Anonymous: Even if they WERE fake, she didn't seem to mind. I suspect that DP or
deep throat would pose a problem for her. Give her a brass ring! I'd like to give her a licking, myself.
Ridemelikeahorse: These videos are pathetic and the dudes are losers with baby dicks.
Anonymous: good
Anonymous: 2:40 Either their dicks are really sweaty or their dicks are naturally shiny LOL
Anonymous: dakota brookes
Anonymous: Those dicks are obviously dildos that they put in their pants. Why else would they keep their shorts on, hold the dildo throught the actual porn part, etc.? I the begining of the film there were no bulges in their pants what so ever. Also,if I might add the heads are way to smooth. It doesn't even look like skin to be honest.
Anonymous: who´s the girl!!!!!
Anonymous: def fake!!dont see their balls, or before the hard on, and u dont c them cumin!!!!!!
Anonymous: Who's the girl
Anonymous: Hahaha, these dudes are DEF on cocaine.. I can hear it in their voices plus the short and sharp sniffle is a dead giveaway.. I've done enough of that crap and the signs are pretty easy to spot... lol, wankers!
Anonymous: Fake - Dicked Small Cocked loosers
Anonymous: unbelievable, mens are too jealous=)
Anonymous: this is a fake!!!
Anonymous: extraordinary cocks, almost unbealivable, poor girl (or fortunated?)
Anonymous: OMG LOL at 5:13 the cock almost fall lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Those guys are Hefemale with huge fake cocks
Anonymous: they must have some small dicks if they don't want to use their real cocks on this little hotty. I would definitely want to REALLY fuck her.
Anonymous: ofc its fake lol you'd be able to see it easier when its in there shorts go to the start dont see nothing lol
Anonymous: Fake Cocks.... Fake Cocks. The guys never remove their shorts. The shorts were covering up the base of the fake cocks. For shame guys.
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